Company Name: Stable-Spirit

Contact Name: Katie Durio

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Address: 295 Flamingo Street Rose City, TX 77662

Hours:Monday - Saturday, 8am - 7 pm (varies)

Products/services/goods: Stable-Spirit's mission is to provide the community with opportunities that inspire positive mental, emotional, and physical health through professionally guided interaction with horses.  Modalities offered:  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), Equine Experiential Development (EED), and Equine Comfort Care (ECC) are powerful and effective tools designed to help individuals learn about themselves by interacting in a series of specially designed activities with horses, When participating in the sessions, the horses' response to the clients will reveal strengths and weaknesses of the clients, which offers a powerful experiential opportunity to determine what is needed to effect positive change in their life. The benefits of participating in sessions may include, but are not limited to, improving problem-solving skills, recognizing' non-verbal communication, working positively with different personalities, overcoming fears, and recognizing, as well as adapting to the personality traits of others. EAP sessions are conducted by a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, an Equine Specialist and the horse(s). EED and ECC sessions are conducted by a Success Coach, an Equine Specialist and the horse(s).

Hippotherapy is a form of physical, occupation or speech therapy utilizing the horse as a therapeutic tool to assist with progression of any developmental, physical or cognitive delays.  These sessions are conducted by a Physical Therapist, along with a Side Walker and Horse Handler.

Stable-Spirit Pony Club (SSPC) - In SSPC, an Equestrian Coach, certified through Special Olympics, provides equestrian sports training for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Athletes attend and participate in Horse Shows, i.e., Top Hands, Special Olympics, and area Play Days.

Years in Business: 8